Set Custom Sentiment for Keywords and Phrases

Required permission: Interaction Analytics Edit

You can specify the sentimentClosed Overall mood or result of the interaction as determined by analysis of words, phrases, and context of the transcript. Interactions can be positive (blue), negative (red), mixed (dark gray), or neutral (light gray). you want assigned to certain keywords, phrasesClosed Combination of words that have special significance when used together in a specified order, such as "want to cancel"., and custom entitiesClosed Keyword or phrase defined in your company profile in Interaction Analytics. Related to an entity type. Can include variants. in your contact center. For example, in Interaction Analytics, the word cancel is neutral by default but you may want it to be negative if you're concerned about customers canceling a service. You could change the sentiment of cancel from the default sentiment from neutral to negative.

  1. Click the app selector and select Analytics.

  2. Click Settings > Custom Sentiment.
  3. If your organization uses more than one language with Interaction Analytics, and you need to work on non-English entities, select a language from the drop-down near the top right of the page.
  4. Enter the words or phrases you want to carry positive, neutral, or negative sentiment in the PositiveNeutral, and Negative fields, respectively.
  5. To remove words or phrases from the sentiment you assigned, click the corresponding X.
  6. Click Save. All new datasets going forward are processed with the chosen sentiment applied to the words and phrases you specified.
  7. If you have the Interaction Analytics Admin permission and want to reprocess all existing datasets with the settings you specified, click Save and Reprocess Icon.

    Reprocessing all of your company's data can take a long time. You should finish making any additional updates you want to custom sentiment, the company profileClosed Page in Interaction Analytics where you can create custom entities., ignored phrases, or other settings, before you click Save and Reprocess Icon to save and reprocess.

    You can view the Reprocess Status at the bottom of the left navigation menu.