Datasets are sets of interactions from your contact center that have been recorded and parsedClosed Process of analyzing data and breaking it into parts. for you to analyze. These interactions include voice calls, emails, chats, supported digital channels, or any combination of these. Voice calls include written transcripts you can view. Datasets span a specific time period and match any filter criteria you apply.

Filter criteria provides options to include or exclude interactions that meet some or all of the qualifications you enter. For example, you could create a dataset of interactions spanning the last 90 days that mention the keyword Collins but exclude the keyword Longbourn.

Maria Bertram is a data analyst in the Classics, Inc. contact center for the Mansfield Park brand of book-related clothing. Her manager has noticed that Classics seems to be losing younger customers lately to a new competitor, Fables Ltd. The manager wants to make sure none of the contact center agents are recommending Fables to these customers, since Fables recently introduced new merchandise that's receiving a lot of social media buzz.

Maria creates a dataset for her manager to analyze. She configures it for a period of the last 90 days. It includes interactions where the keyword Fables was mentioned but excludes interactions where only the customer said that keyword.

Key Facts About Datasets