Cloud Transcription Service

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CXone Cloud Transcription Service is a real-time self-service transcription service. It converts speech into text for use by virtual agentsClosed A software application that handles customer interactions in place of a live human agent., agent assistantsClosed A software application that provides context-specific help to the agent., and other self-service applications.

Cloud Transcription can use speech from sources such as voicemail, IVRsClosed Automated phone menu that allows callers to interact through voice commands, key inputs, or both, to obtain information, route an inbound voice call, or both., or the contact's conversation with a virtual agent. You can use the resulting text in several ways. In addition to using it with a virtual agent or agent assist application, you can use it for things such as updating contact records or confirming the contact's responses to an IVR.

You can manage your Cloud Transcription options on the Transcription Profiles page in CXone. When you want to incorporate transcription into CXone, add the Cloud Transcribe action to your scripts.

Transcription Providers

CXone Cloud Transcription Service uses third-party transcription providers. You can choose the provider that you want Cloud Transcription Service to use. You need to create a transcription profile that specifies the provider you want to use and the language you want that profile to transcribe. If you need to transcribe multiple languages, you need to create a profile for each one. Supported languages vary by transcription provider.

CXone Cloud Transcription Service supports these transcription (speech-to-text (STT)) providers: 

  • Google Transcription Service
  • Microsoft Azure  Transcription Service

Supported Languages

Each transcription provider offers a different set of languages. Because the selection of languages can change at any time, to see the most up to date list of supported languages, you can: 

Some languages in Google Transcription Service support Google's enhanced model for speech recognition. A Use Enhanced option appears under the Language drop-down list in the transcription profile when the selected language supports this option.