NICE CXone Agent for ServiceNow — Administrators

If you are not an administrator, see Agent for ServiceNow.

NICE CXone Agent for ServiceNow is an integration of the CXone agent application with the ServiceNow platform. The integration allows your agents to handle contacts as if they were doing so within ServiceNow, instead of jumping between different application windows. Also, agents experience a seamless connection of contact data in the agent interface, enabled through custom data capabilities in the CXone Console. A few key features of the agent integration are:

CXone Console

The CXone Console can be reached through a web browser at

Displays the 6 tabs of the Console: Users, Company Settings, Features, Profile, Analytics, and Troubleshooting.

Similar to managing your ACD in the CXone platform, you manage your agent integration in the CXone Console. You can think of the Console like the hub that connects your CRM, CXone, and the agent integration. In addition to connecting data and user accounts, you can also set up features like custom Info tab layouts and dispositions. To get started with the Console, your onboarding process includes the creation of a CRM administrator. This administrator has API access and can begin setting up your integration. Setup includes creating other administrator accounts, connecting your phone system, and so forth. To understand different types of user accounts, contact your CXone Account Representative, see the following section, or see the Manage CRM Users page.

Understanding Types of User Accounts

To avoid potential confusion with the Console, you must understand the different user accounts. Members of your organization will typically have 2 accounts — a CRM account and a CXone account. The CXone account provides routing and agent application access. The Console allows you to link the CXone account to your user's CRM account (as well as manage and configure features of the agent application). This link provides a consistent and seamless experience for your agents. They can use the agent application as an integration with your CRM and avoid opening multiple applications. This link also allows you to more conveniently manage users and interaction data.

You can also create different types of Console administrator accounts. These administrator accounts only have access to the Console. In the Console, they can view analytics, troubleshoot connectivity issues, or manage features.

Console Tabs


The Users tab of the Console is your main location for managing user accounts that have access to the agent integration or the CXone Console. You can use this page for standard user management tasks. You can perform tasks such as creating a new Console user, giving administrator access, or resetting an account password. Additionally, this page offers two key features:

  • Synchronizing your CRM user accounts with CXone user accounts.
  • Displaying your available user licenses and how many are actively in-use.

Company Settings

The Company Settings page is further separated into additional tabs. These tabs allow you to manage key features of your CRM integration, such as the phone system you use, administrator accounts, or your overall organization through CRM teams.


The Features tab allows administrators to enable and customize features of the agent application. Key features include setting up custom data for screen pops and data memorialization, enabling teams to organize your agents, or setting up click to dial.


This tab allows a user to edit their account information, such as click to dial extensions or username, and also create email templates. Email templates are standard email responses launched directly from the agent application.


Provides basic analytics data on calls handled through the agent application. Administrators can control which personnel can view data for a specific team through the team settings. Reports run on the Analytics tab can be exported as a CSV file.


Provides basic performance information of your system. You can use this information to ensure your contact center runs smoothly or if you need to contact technical support for assistance. You can perform a test call to replicate issues with the diagnostic tool, which sends data to the technical support team.

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