Supervisor Overview

The NICE inContact Supervisor application allows you — the supervisor — to monitor and interact with agents and view their performance in real time. You can view real-time metrics on current agent performance and skill SLA, discreetly listen to calls, record calls, coach agents on calls without the contact hearing you, barge in on calls so both the agent and the contact can hear you, take over calls to disconnect the agent and manage the rest of the call yourself, and force an agent to log out of the agent application.

Supervisor works alongside NICE inContact MAX (MAX), and you can be logged in to both simultaneously. When using Supervisor, you cannot, nor do you need to, use the Thin Agent supervisor feature.

Hover over the following image to learn about the Supervisor toolbar.

Displays your name, team name, and agent leg connection status. Use the Integrated Softphone, a phone number, or a station ID to connect the agent leg.

You must click the red broken link to connect the agent leg and enable telephony functions.

The green, unbroken link indicates that your agent leg connected.

Displays the number of agents currently in each availability state.

  • All Agents — All viewable agents.
  • Unavailable — Agents who are logged in but not available to accept an interaction.
  • Inbound contact — Agents who are logged in and handling an inbound contact.
  • Available — Agents who are logged in and available to accept an interaction.
  • Outbound contact — Agents who are logged in and handling an outbound contact.
  • Logged off — Agents who are not logged in.

Provides a snapshot of the current SLA average for all skills. You can use this tool to manage queue performance. The SLA metrics in Supervisor contain data for only active contacts and do not contain historical data.

From the Agents tab, you can choose to see data from an agent-centric or a team-centric view. Agents is the default view, but you can click Teams for a team-centric view. When you select the Skills on the top of the toolbar, you can choose to see data from a skill-centric or a campaign-centric view.

Provides a filtered agent list view, showing only agents on an active call you can monitor.

When you are actively monitoring a call, the call information appears in place of the phone icon.

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