MAX Overview

MAX (My Agent eXperience) is a multichannel contact handling application for inbound and outbound contact center agents. MAX is a thin HTML5 client of the NICE inContact platform and is well suited for cloud contact centers of all sizes. MAX also supports Omnichannel Session Handling.

Hover over the image below to learn about the MAX interface.

The Agent State is where agents set their working stateThe availability status of an agent. or log out of the system. It can display custom unavailable and working codes.

Displays any parked emails saved to the inbox and awaiting a response.

The Personal Queue displays contacts sent to an agent as a transfer or consult. These are items that were explicitly sent to a specific agent.

The Backlog shows the current day's scheduled commitments and events in chronological order from the current time to the end of the day.

The Active Queues popover displays the waiting queue for each skillClassification used to facilitate the delivery of contacts; assigned to agents based on abilities, specialties, and knowledge assigned to the agent, organized by type. Each category type shows how many of that type of skill is assigned to the agent, and what the queue is like. Three circles next to each skill indicate how many other logged-in agents are active, working, or unavailable in that skill.

Agent Reports displays some at-a-glance information about agent performance, productivity, and how many of what type of skillsClassification used to facilitate the delivery of contacts; assigned to agents based on abilities, specialties, and knowledge are currently assigned. Each option can be drilled into and marked as a favorite (indicated by a star). When marked as a favorite, the Agent Reports label is replaced with basic information about that report. For more information, see MAX Agent Reports Overview.

New allows you to initiate a new outbound contact.

Schedule displays your scheduled commitments for the day and allows you to add new commitments or edit existing ones.

If integrated with a supported WFM solution, that schedule also displays in the Schedule tab, including commitments. The schedule is updated every 60 seconds and also updates the Coming Up list. To edit your schedule, click Manage WFM Schedule to launch the WFM solution and make changes. This option is only available in Internet Explorer.

Messages lists all the messages that have been sent to the agent, usually by a supervisor or administrator.

The Launch popover contains custom links configured by an administrator.

The More popover contains technical information about the agent, access to settings, MAX client, and the event log. It's also the place to provide feedback to your site administrator about the quality of your experience. There is also a link to the NICE inContact online help.

The Information tab displays agent-specific information, including the NICE inContact software version and the web browser version to further simplify troubleshooting and enhance the support experience.

The Settings tab allows an agent to make changes to notification preferences, turn Panels on or off, adjust the interface to ADA High Contrast for improved visibility, or utilize interoperability with screen reading technologies, like Freedom Scientific’s JAWS, by enabling ADA Screen Reader. Please refer to the MAX Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) documenting its level of compliance with the applicable standards available on the NICE inContact Trust site.

Call history displays your most recent two calls, which you can then redial if needed. When a new call is placed, the older call is removed from the history. The call history displays only for the current session. If you refresh MAX, the history is deleted.

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