Work Item Overview

Agents can receive work items as a channel in your contact center, just as they receive communication items such as chat requests, emails, or inbound calls. For example, your organization may receive tickets or issues from Salesforce or another CRM application. These items can be routed directly to agents for handling based on the Studio scripts, skills, and points of contact you define.

Work items require initial configuration by Professional Services, and can be used for inbound items only. Once that work is completed, configuring the work items channel is a multi-step process that includes the following tasks:

  • Creating one or more work item skills
  • Assigning the skill(s) to one or more agents and configuring their skill proficiency
  • Setting priority management for the skill(s), for this and other channels
  • Creating one or more points of contact
  • Creating one or more scripts in Studio that distribute work items from the point(s) of contact to the correct skills (this is often done by Professional Services but can also be done by your organization's workflow designer using Studio)
  • Creating one or more dispositions, tags, or both to enhance reporting for work item traffic

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