Security Profiles Overview

Security profiles enable you to control the tools and features that users in your contact center environment can see and use and how they can use them. Your business unitHigh-level organizational grouping used to manage technical support, billing, and global settings for your NICE inContact environment comes with default system profiles, including a Manager, Supervisor, and Agent security profile. You cannot modify these system security profiles.

You can create custom security profiles from scratch or by copying an existing security profile and modifying it. When you create a security profile, you can specify the complexity and frequency of required password changes for the profile in addition to the features and reports that users with the profile can access. You must then assign the security profile to users you want to operate with those permissions. You cannot assign more than one security profile per user.

You must use security profiles to enable users to access certain features or applications. For example, if you want users to be able to use the MAX application, you must enable certain permissions in those users' security profile.

Once a custom security profile is created, the user must wait until the next data update occurs, which occurs in scheduled intervals every 6 hours.

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