Inbound Phone Overview

Inbound phone is a medium of communication, also known as a channel, in your contact center. The inbound phone channel enables you to configure the handling of contact interactions that come into your center as phone calls. Most contact centers have multiple ways in which a call can be routed. For example, you may handle calls differently based on such factors as:

  • the type of call (sales or support)
  • the subject of the call (Product A or Service B)
  • the language of the caller
  • the position or knowledge of the agent (junior or senior), and so forth

Configuring the inbound phone channel is a multi-step process, and you can customize the configuration to meet your specific needs. The process includes the following tasks:

  • Creating one or more inbound phone skills
  • Assigning the skill(s) to one or more agents and configuring their skill proficiency
  • Setting priority management for the skill(s), for this and other channels
  • Creating one or more points of contact
  • Creating one or more scripts in Studio that distributes inbound calls from the point(s) of contact to the correct skills
  • Creating one or more dispositions, tags, or both to enhance reporting for inbound call traffic

Regardless of the routing or skills involved, inbound phone contacts follow the same basic workflow. The following image illustrates the workflow, or lifecycle, of an inbound call:

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