Omnichannel Analytics Overview

Omnichannel Analytics is an intelligent linguistic analytics engine that converts contact center call, email, and chat transcripts into data you can consume in easy-to-read graphical charts to empower your contact center supervisors and managers to better understand what is happening in the contact center.

The application collects email and chat transcripts immediately and call transcripts after the Nexidia engine completes the voice transcription process. It parses the data, intelligently disambiguates terms based on context, and places the data into categories. An administrator can create custom categories and category sets by which the data is organized. Some entities exist inside the application to help locate mentions of those entities, even if the exact name was not mentioned. You can create your own custom intelligent entities through the company profile.

You can create topics of data to pull in transcripts from certain time periods, to come from certain channels, and to contain only certain keywords or phrases. You can select a dashboard set for each topic and customize the dashboards and widgets that are available when a supervisor or manager opens those topics. Supervisors and managers can then open those topics to view, filter, and drill down into those dashboards.

How to Use The Omnichannel Analytics Online Help

The Omnichannel Analytics online help is organized into three main sections based on the three Omnichannel Analytics roles granted in security profiles:

  • The Data Analysis section instructs on performing the actions users with the View permission can do. This permission is generally granted to supervisors who need to view the data but not manage it. It contains procedures for opening a data topic, reading and using the widgets, and filtering the data.
  • The Topic Management section instructs on performing the actions users with the Edit permission can do in addition to the actions allowed by the View permission. This section describes how to create new topics, modify existing topics, view topic categories, and configure the company profile.
  • The Configuration and Administration section instructs on performing the actions users with the Admin permission can do in addition to the actions allowed by the View and Edit permissions. This section contains procedures for creating and managing dashboard sets, dashboards, and category sets and for modifying categories and category rules.

Each role empowers users with more permissions, not different ones, so an Admin user may use all three sections while the Edit user uses two sections and the View user uses only one.

A small Account section describes how to manage your Omnichannel Analytics account, including logging in and out of the application.