Studio Overview

For premise-based solutions, making changes to your IVRA phone menu that allows callers to interact through voice commands and key inputs to route the call appropriately. can be time-consuming and may require the expertise of a developer. This limitation can be especially frustrating when you need to make quick changes that you are sure you can do yourself. Setting up a script (like the one created in Studio and shown as follows) can be a slow and sometimes highly technical process without a user-friendly editor like Studio:

With Studio, you can set this script up in a very short time and then quickly test it and put it into production.

To develop your script, Studio provides hundreds of predefined routing components, called Actions, that even the least tech savvy person can learn to use. Additionally, each action contains pre-populated selection menus that provide a quick and easy way to configure your script components rather than having to manually insert variables:

Studio's drag-and-drop functionality and visually intuitive interface ensure that every contact is treated and routed the way you want.

The online help contains documentation for the most commonly used Studio actions. Many of the topics for actions provide script examples that are highly useful in understanding how the action is used in a script. However, not all of the actions have had script examples applied to their corresponding documentation. Script examples for all action documentation will be forthcoming.

Reference Topics

Common Tasks in Studio