Proactive Agentless SMS Overview

You can use Personal Connection (PC) to send one-way SMS messages to contacts in a calling list. You can set this up as a stand-alone agentlessCalls made without a live agent for tasks such as leaving a message or playing information. skillClassification assigned to agents based on abilities, specialties, and knowledge and used to facilitate the delivery of contacts. or as part of a contact strategy on an agent skill. As with voice calls, PC manages SMS do not call lists. For instance, if a contact responds to a message with "STOP", the system adds the contact to the default business unitAn organization's access to segmented portions of the inContact platform. do not call list unless you have your inContact account manager select a specific DNC group in the SMS registration.

When using an SMS PC as a skill with agents, you can add both SMS messages and voice calls to the same cadence. It does not, however, enable agents to manage SMS messages. At this time, you cannot respond if a contact replies to the SMS text you sent. When you use agentless skills, the system sends the defined message to all of the recipients on the list once you start the skill and continues until each record has been sent the message.

To create an SMS campaignA grouping of skills used to run reports., you must first contact your inContact account manager to set up a short or long code for you and SMS registrations for the code. A long code is a dedicated 10-digit telephone number that can carry limited traffic. In some cases they carry a maximum of five messages per second. They cost less money than short codes to provision and take significantly less time at five-seven days. A short code is a five-digit premium dedicated number service that large-scale mobile messaging campaigns or brands often use. They often take 12 or more weeks to provision.

Once you inContact account manager sets up your long or short code and creates an SMS registration, you must create a message template, which contains the message that you want to send to contacts on the calling list. It can contain variables to personalize the message, such as {FirstName} and {LastName}. Then you can create the SMS skill and upload a calling list to it.

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