Proactive Agentless Email Overview

You can use Personal Connection (PC) to send one-way email messages to contacts in an email contact list. You cannot combine email contacts into the same calling list or cadence as PC voice or SMS contacts. If you want to reach the same contacts via phone and email, you can upload the same calling list twice and assign it to both a phone and email PC skill. An email contact list requires a minimum of two fields: a unique ID associated with the contact and an email address.

To create a proactive agentlessCalls made without a live agent for tasks such as leaving a message or playing information. email skillClassification assigned to agents based on abilities, specialties, and knowledge and used to facilitate the delivery of contacts., you must first create a message template containing the body of the email. You can use variables to insert data from the email contact list into the email itself, including the contact's name or other information.

Proactive agentless email skills do not allow responses by default. You can configure automatic responses, and you could configure an inbound email skill to enable agents to handle replies, but you must configure it yourself on your email server.

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