Groups Overview

Groups are collections of users that you define in a way that makes sense for your organization. They control access to recordings, evaluations, and other data in NICE inContact WFO, and filter reports. In hosted systems, your groups may be the same as your Central teams, but they are not required to be the same. Central teams are primarily used for reporting and have no effect on the NICE inContact WFO application.

Once you have created groups and assigned agents to those groups, you can restrict or allow access to a group’s data based on their security profiles. For example, you can provide a supervisor with access to only those contacts recorded for agents in their group. You can also filter many of the NICE inContact WFO quality assurance reports based on group membership. Users do not have to be placed in a group. On the other hand, one user can belong to multiple groups.

While NICE inContact WFO allows you to delete groups, this is not recommended. It affects historical reporting because the deleted group will no longer be available as a filter. Additionally, you cannot recover deleted groups. Deleting groups does not delete the users in those groups.

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