Chat Overview

Agents can participate in chat sessions as a medium of communication, or channel, in your contact center. Configuring the chat channel is a multi-step process that includes the following tasks:

  • Creating one or more chat skills
  • Assigning the skill(s) to one or more agents and configuring their skill proficiency
  • Setting priority management for the skill(s), for this and other channels
  • Creating one or more points of contact
  • Creating one or more scripts in Studio that distribute chats from the point(s) of contact to the correct skills
  • Optionally creating one or more chat profiles to define the appearance of the Customer Chat Interface for each chat point of contact
  • Optionally creating one or more dispositions, tags, or both to enhance reporting for chat sessions
  • Optionally creating one or more quick replies that agents can use during chat sessions
  • Optionally enabling indicators that show when the agent is typing, when the customer is typing, or both

In most contact centers, agents who handle chat interactions participate in multiple simultaneous sessions. You can control the maximum number of concurrent chat sessions at the team level or at the agent level. If an agent is allowed a different number of sessions than their team setting, the agent setting applies.

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