Business Units Overview

A business unit is a high-level organizational grouping that is used to manage technical support and billing and that you can use to modify global settings in your environment.

From the business unit settings, you can modify feature settings and enable features in products. For example, you can enable the dialer to do predictive dialing, enable persistent panels in MAX, and modify Studio script settings. You can also modify general settings for your environment, such as the global caller ID or time zone.

You can modify your usage to allocate your storage for different purposes. This includes reallocating your ports for different functions and setting usage limits like the maximum number of users and stations in the environment and the maximum number of agents that can log in simultaneously.

User profiles come with five generically named fields that you can use for your own purposes. From the business unit settings, you can give these fields new names to reflect the information you want to store in those custom fields.

With NICE inContact, you can connect to different web services. You configure those web service connections through the business unit settings. You can also modify settings in the existing web services.

In the business unit settings, you control the types of files that agents can receive via email in your contact center. You can add new file extensions to support file types you would like agents to be able to receive and you can remove supported file extensions that you would no longer like agents to receive.

You can manage the supported time zones in your business unit by adding and removing allowable time zones. When you add a time zone to the list of allowable, the agents using the dialer can reach contacts in those time zones by voice or SMS.

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