Create and Edit Users

  1. To create and edit users, Click Account > Users
  1. Search for User to confirm whether they are in the system. There are several options to search for users, including by role, by location, and by name.
  1. Search by Role: Click the drop down menu to select a role. This will return a list of all agents assigned to that role.


  1. Search by User Group: Search for a user by using the filter (just like the master filter), to search by company, region, team, floor etc.
  1. Search by Name: Type name in the search box and select “Begins with” or “Contains”. Click Search.


Note: If the User is supposed to be in the system but doesn’t display, click Show inactive tab to show inactive users.

Add a new User


  1. Click Add tab.


  1. Type User name: This will be their login, so it is important to use a standard naming convention, such as firstname.lastname
  1. Choose Role: Click on dropdown menu to select the Role. These roles have previously been set up with default security, page access etc.
  1. Choose employee type
  1. Choose Level: Choose the level for which the user is responsible. For example: an agent would be agent level; a coach would be team level; and an admin would be company level.
  1. Choose Agent: Select the user’s own name.
  1. Enter email address


  1. Quality Alerts: Click if you want user to receive quality alerts.
  2. Performance Alerts: Click if you want user to receive performance alerts.


  1. Click Active to make user active. The Active box defaults unavailable while creating a user. This is also where you inactivate a user’s login or remove them from the system. They will never be completely removed so that the data that they created while using it will not disappear.


  1. Click Save: Once finished simply click ‘Save’ and the user will be created and a Temporary password will be sent out.