Set Up a Thank You Page to Display at the End of a Chat

Required security profile permissions: Skills Edit.

If you have set up a Thank You message to display at the end of a chat, the patron will see the message. The following image shows an example of the message.

Take notice of the Request Chat Transcript link at the bottom of the image. Your patron can click it to see the following window:

The transcript will be sent to the email address typed in the designated field.

  1. Click Routing Skills.
  2. Click a chat Skill to select and open it.

    If you do not open a chat Skill, then the option for setting up a Thank You Page will not appear in the interface.

  3. When the Skill opens, click the Post Contact Tab, and click the Display Thank You Page radio button, as follows:

  4. Type your Thank You Page message in the text box.

    As you type the message in the text box, you might want to have a hyperlink as part of the message. Click Insert Link to add the hyperlink text and URL to the message.

  5. (Optional) If you want to send a transcript of the contact experience to the patron, then click the Make Transcript Available check box and type the senders email address in the From Email Address field (appears after you click the check box). See below.
  6. (Optional) If you want to put a link to a different Web page; i.e. back to your organization's site, click Pop URL on Thank You, and type the Web page URL in the Thank You URL field (appears after you click the check box).