NICE CXone Agent for Salesforce Version Log

Release Notes: NICE CXone Agent for Salesforce Version Log

Version 20.0

Agent Login Options Enabled by Permissions

When agents log in, they must choose one of these login options: Set Phone Number, Set Station ID, or Integrated Softphone. With the 20.0 update, these options only display if the correlating permissions are enabled in the agent's security profile. This is specifically for the Agent for Salesforce Lightning Experience. The following lists the agent leg option and the permission that enables it to be visible:

Customer Request UI Change

Right-to-Left Alignment for DFO Chat

Agent for Salesforce Lightning Experience supports right-to-left text alignment in Digital First Omnichannel chat. Agents can change the alignment with a format button beside their text area.

Customer Request UI Change

Version 19.0

Configurable Reading Direction Option

Agent for Salesforce supports a right-to-left text direction for the chat and email channels. This allows for Arabic localization.

Version 18.0

Configure Agent for Salesforce to Display Text or Icons

You can configure whether Agent for Salesforce displays icons or text.