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View the Summer 2021 webinar recording and presentation slides. This covers the features in more detail.

Indicates features that were developed by customer request.
Indicates major user interface (UI) changes.

Global Changes for Summer 2021

Newly Redesigned Software Download Page CXone features a newly redesigned software download page driven by a global service with files sourced from the United States. This ensures export control compliance related to software downloads.
Global Authentication Service Enhancements A new global authentication service has been in early release since the beginning of 2020. The Summer 2021 release will increase the scalability and redundancy of this centralized login service. It will provide a unified login process for the entire CXone suite, including integrated applications. It will operate system-wide, with the only exceptions being where there are system differences (such as FedRAMP). This release will fully implement the OpenID Connect standard, including discovery and other requirements. No authentication flows will change with this release.

Release Adjustments for Summer 2021

These features are adjustments to those previously announced.

Changed Features

Employee Engagement Manager The IEX WFM Integrated feature, Employee Engagement Manager, was previously announced for general availability in Summer 2021. It will now be available in controlled release only.
Management of Roles, Users, and Agent Occupancy Moved to CXone Admin and ACD Applications

This UI change was not made: 

The Edit assigned users button on the pages for each role on the Digital First Omnichannel Admin Users > Roles page and the Roles > Edit Role page in the Users section.

File State Change Events for Cloud Storage The file state change events are not accessible through the Audit and Activity Change reports, as previously announced. Contact your CXone Account Representative to access file state change events.

Features to be Released at a Later Date

Native AMD Detection and Delivery Answering machine detection and identification functionality, previously available only through the Laydown action, will be natively available in AMD Management. This will provide improved detection of answering machines and accurate delivery of messages without requiring a custom script.
Wallboard Sharing Limiting

New share settings will be able to limit who can see different Wallboards in the Launch Wallboard Menu. This ensures that users will only be able to see data that they have access to.

Agent Contact Performance BI Report

This report will display an agent's performance from the viewpoint of a contact that the agent interacted with. Both ACD and digital data will be available in this report.

MRCPv2 as Default The media server will use the modern MRCPv2 as the default protocol to communicate with Nuance ASR engines. This will allow further development and performance enhancements in the future.

Features Added to this Release

To see the following features in detail, select the product in the filter on the New Applications and Features page. The table shows the product on the left and the feature title on the right.


Integrated Softphone

What's New in the Online Help for Summer 2021

Simplified Help URLs Previously, the URL for each online help page included a version indicator (for example, help.incontact.com/summer21/...). This is no longer the case as of the Summer 2021 release. As a result, bookmarks will not become outdated and you can always be sure that you're seeing the most current version of the online help.
Filtered Platform Requirements On the Platform Requirements page, you can now filter by application in the CXone suite. This makes it easier to view requirements for the specific applications your organization uses. Filtering is another step in our continued efforts to improve this part of the online help.
Release Notes Default View On the New Applications and Features page of release notes, the default view now shows all products and features for the release. This change has also been made for the Coming Soon page, which is published about 30 days before every release. You can still use the filter to narrow your view to those products and features used by your organization.
Renamed Menu Item

In the menu that appears at the top of each online help page, the Quick Links option has been renamed to Top Searches. This option gives quick access to four of the most-frequently searched pages in the online help:

  • Release Notes
  • Data Dictionary
  • Ports, Domain, Voice, and IP Requirements
  • Platform Requirements

This change should clarify the purpose of this menu item. As time passes, we may add other pages to this menu item based on how users are searching the online help.

End-Of-Life Notifications for Summer 2021

End of Support for Internet Explorer in MAX

MAX will no longer operate in Internet Explorer (IE) beginning with the Summer 2021 release. Microsoft stopped supporting IE in November, 2020. MAX users will need to switch to a supported browser prior to this release.

If you need more time to switch browsers, you can enable the previous version to have continued access to the Spring 2021 version for a short time. After the Fall 2021 release, no version of MAX will operate in Internet Explorer.