Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant has reached end-of-life and is no longer available for purchase or support. There is an upgrade available called CXone Attendant. Please contact your CXone Account Representative to learn more about the new Attendant application.

NICE CXone Auto Attendant works with your organization's phone system so that incoming phone calls are automatically directed to their intended destination. This way, callers don't have to talk to an operator, and depending on how the system is configured, calls can even be routed without the caller having to interact with a menu system. Auto Attendant can transfer calls based on the name or extension the caller enters, the unique phone number the caller dialed (DNISClosed Identifies the number the contact dialed to reach you for inbound voice calls and the number the agent or system dialed on outbound voice calls.), or the call destination selected from a corporate phone directory.

Auto Attendant also provides voicemail management and automatic call forwarding, but not all organizations use these features. Call forwarding happens when a user sets their status in Auto Attendant to Out of Office, then all calls intended for the initial user are forwarded to the backup user named in the person's profile.

If your organization only uses the corporate directory and call transfer features, you don't need to do anything to use Auto Attendant. If your organization also uses the voicemail or out of office features, you can manage those features using the Auto Attendant web portal or by another method (such as by phone).

Voicemail Access

Not all organizations use Auto Attendant for voicemail management.

The options available to you for accessing your voicemail messages may vary depending on how your organization has configured Auto Attendant. There are 3 methods of accessing messages:

  • Auto Attendant web portal—If you have been granted access to the Auto Attendant web portal, you can access and manage your voicemails using your web browser.
  • Email—If you have been configured to receive voicemails by email, you will receive emails with audio files of the voicemails attached to them.
  • Phone—If you have access to Auto Attendant by phone, your administrator will provide you with a Point of Contact phone number and PIN to access your messages.