User Tasks

When your organization uses Auto Attendant for voicemail management or call forwarding, you may be given access to the Auto Attendant web portal to use these features.

Record Your Name and Voicemail Greeting

When you want to record your greeting and name, the system calls you at a phone number you specify so you can make your recording over the phone.

Your voicemail greeting and name are what callers hear before being prompted to leave a message. Depending on how your organization has configured the Auto Attendant system, you may not need to record both your name and your greeting. Ask your Auto Attendant administrator if you have questions about what your organization requires.

  1. In the Auto Attendant web portal, click My Options in the toolbar at the top of the page.
  2. Click Recording Options.

  3. In Dial Me at, enter a phone number where you can be reached right now. If your phone number is from outside the United States, you must add 011 and the country code to the number.

  4. Click the phone icon next to Record Name or Record Greeting. After a moment, you will receive a call from an unavailable number.
  5. Answer the call, then listen and respond to the prompts.
  6. After recording your name or greeting, end the call.
  7. You can click the phone icon next to Listen to Name or Listen to Greeting to hear the recording through a phone call, or click the speaker icon to download the recording as a WAV file to listen to on your computer.

Access and Manage Voicemail Messages

You can access and manage your voicemail messages with the Auto Attendant web portal. Not all organizations use the Auto Attendant web portal for voicemail management.

  1. In the Auto Attendant web portal, click My Options  > View Messages.

  2. Listen to a message in 1 of 2 ways:
    • Click the red phone icon next to a message to listen to it by phone. Auto Attendant calls the phone number configured in your profile and plays the message.

    • Click the green speaker icon next to a message to play it through the speakers or headphones connected to your computer. On some systems, this option may download the message before you can play it.

  3. You can click Call Details to view additional information about the message.
  4. You can click the light blue email icon to send yourself the message as an attachment (WAV format). Auto Attendant sends the message to the email address configured in your profile.
  5. You can select one or more messages to forward, then click Forward Message, choose an Auto Attendant user to receive the message, and click Forward Selected Message.

Configure Out-Of-Office Options

If your organization uses this feature, you can set your status in the phone system to Out of Office when you will be away from the office. During the time that you are away, Auto Attendant will forward all calls that you receive to another Auto Attendant user. Your Auto Attendant administrator may have configured you with a default backup user, but you can change this every time you change your status to Out of Office.

  1. In the Auto Attendant web portal, click My Options >  Out of Office Options.
  2. Select an Out of Office Type, then configure either the dates of your absence or select your Activity Status.

  3. Select the Backup User who will receive all of your forwarded calls during your absence. Your backup user must be another Auto Attendant user.
  4. Click Save.

Change Your Password

  1. In the Auto Attendant web portal, click Hello <account name>! in the toolbar near the top of the page.
  2. Complete the Change Password Form.
  3. Click Change Password.