POC Provisioning

POC Provisioning lets you create new DID (direct dial), toll-free, virtual, and international numbers for your own business unit, on behalf of your customers, or both. The tool automates these steps:

  • Opens a case in Salesforce.
  • Begins the process to assign the CloudConnect numbers provided to a business unit in the NICE CXone billing system. This helps ensure that any cost for the number is charged to the assigned business unit.
  • Completes the processes to provision the number.

Once the numbers are provisioned, you (or the customer administrator) can create points of contact (POCs) in CXone and begin using the numbers for the organization.

Classics, Inc., is a CXone partner and manages the business units for its own customers. Anthony Dewhurst, a Classics administrator, needs to provision several new toll-free numbers for a customer, The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel. He uses POC Provisioning to automate the provisioning process. Once the numbers are provisioned, he works with Farleigh, the customer administrator, to set up the points of contact.

Dewhurst also needs to provision several new international numbers for Classics, which is opening an office in Paris, France. He uses POC Provisioning to do so, but cannot create the requests in the same file as the numbers for his customer.

Key Facts About POC Provisioning

  • POC Provisioning is part of Monitoring Gateway, which must be enabled for your business unit by your CXone representative. Your organization must be certified to handle its own support to use this tool.
  • To use POC Provisioning, you must have these permissions enabled in your security profile:
    • Monitoring Gateway
    • POC Provisioning

    These permissions can only be set by a CXone representative.

  • POC Provisioning is currently only supported for CloudConnect numbers purchased through a partner. You cannot use POC Provisioning for CloudConnect numbers purchased through NICE CXone.
  • You can provision up to 50 numbers per request.
  • You cannot combine requests for multiple business units in the same file.
  • You can monitor the progress of your requests in the POC Provisioning application itself. Each provisioning request lists the Salesforce case number. You would need this number to communicate about a request with your CXone partner representative.
  • POC Provisioning validates your request file to ensure you formatted and completed all fields correctly. The application also validates numbers you've requested against the ACD application for the business unit, against Salesforce, and against the NICE CXone billing system. Duplicate requests are rejected.
  • If your request fails validation against the ACD, you'll be able to see this and review logs to determine how to correct the issue. If validation fails against Salesforce or the billing system, a case is automatically opened for your CXone support team.