IEX WFM Integrated

IEX WFM Integrated is and enterprise-grade WFM solution designed to handle more challenging and complex staffing challenges. A fully integrated component of CXone cloud platform, IEX WFM Integrated enables seamless synchronization between WFM and CXone ACD data. Administration and configuration options are granular to suit your unique needs.

Help is available when you log in to the application and launch help.

IEX WFM Integrated offers several purchasable add-on solutions which build on the base value of the solution. These include:

Enhanced Strategic Planner

This add-on is currently in controlled release.

Enhanced Strategic Planner (ESP) is an easy to use solution that helps contact centers accurately predict long-term capacity needs. This is accomplished by: 1) intelligently predicting how staffing scenarios will impact performance goals, and 2) using "what-if" scenarios to identify how changes to performance goals impact staffing. Based in the NICE enterprise cloud, ESP ensures that you have the latest features with continuous feature delivery.

Help is available when you log into the application and launch help.

AI Forecasting

NICE Artificial Intelligence (AI) Forecasting provides additional forecast models, including Box-Jenkins ARIMA, exponential smoothing, and multilinear seasonal regression. These models are all supported by a Best Pick option with artificial intelligence. The new algorithms are in addition to the standard weighted moving average model.

A minimum of two years of historical data is required to utilize the AI Forecasting feature. This history can come from your CXone ACD or be imported from an outside ACD source.

IEX WFM Import/Export

IEX WFM Import/Export provides a secure method to exchange data between IEX WFM Integrated and your environment for external systems.

Import Files:

With IEX WFM Integrated Import, you can import data from external systems and use it for schedule changes, vacation updates, historical information for forecasting, and forecasts themselves.

Export Files:

IEX WFM Integrated Export offers 21 pre-defined file modules. These let you export a wide array of IEX WFM Integrated data and use it to populate HR and payroll systems or data warehouses for custom reporting. Both summary and detailed modules are available. IEX WFM Integrated Export modules are also insulated from version upgrades and some include calculated metrics.