Login and Status Options in Agent for Service Cloud Voice

You have several options for logging in, setting different statuses, and logging out. These options allow you to control which types of contacts you handle. For example, you can choose to only handle phone contacts. You could also log out of the phone and handle other contacts like chats or emails.

Login to Agent for Service Cloud Voice

In Salesforce, if you want to handle calls, you also need to log in to the Agent app. The app is in the Phone tab of the Omni-Channel widget. The app requires a CXone username and password, which may be different from your Salesforce credentials. When logging into the app, you need to choose a voice option. If you're not sure which option to use, ask your manager.

  1. In Salesforce, open the Omni-Channel widget.
  2. Click the Phone tab.
  3. Click Log In.
  4. Enter your CXone Username and Password.
  5. Set your voice option.
  6. If you selected Set Phone Number or Set Station ID, enter the number or ID.
  7. Click Launch.

If you are already using the widget for other Salesforce channels, your status may already be set. Your status may be set to Offline if you are not handling other channels.

Status Options

Your status controls which types of contacts you're available to handle. Your administrator sets up these statuses in Salesforce for you. You may have specific statuses allowing you to only handle one type of contact, such as an Available for Voice status. If you are not sure which status allows you to handle calls, ask your manager. To change your status, click the status bar drop-down at the top of the widget and select a status.

Logout Options

The Log Out of Phone System status specifically logs you out of the CXone agent app. You can continue handling other Salesforce channels if you select this option.

The Offline status makes you unavailable for every channel. If you select Offline, you cannot handle contacts through Salesforce or CXone phone calls.