AI Assistants and Bots

AI assistants and bots allow you to use a range of artificial intelligence (AI) options with CXone. These options include integrating virtual agent bots and using agent assistClosed A software application that provides context-specific help to the agent. applications. CXone SmartAssist is a native option for virtual agents. CXone also supports integrating many third-party bot and agent assist providers.

Most AI integrations, including native solutions, require custom scripting in Studio.

Virtual Agent Bots

You can use third-party virtual agent bots to handle interactions with contacts. The interactions can be simple or complex. For example, bots can collect information from a contact before passing them to a live agent, or they can handle full conversations with the contact in place of live agents.

CXone supports the following third-party virtual agents: 

Manage your third-party virtual agents in Virtual Agent Hub in CXone.

Agent Assist Applications

Agent assist applications allow you to provide your agents helpful information in real time during an interaction. For example, an agent assistant could listen to the conversation and provide the agent FAQs that are relevant to the contact's questions. This makes it easier for the agent to swiftly answer questions without making the contact wait.

CXone currently supports Google Contact Center AI.

Manage your agent assistants in Agent Assist Hub in CXone.

TTS and Transcription

AI integrations rely on text-to-speechClosed Allows users to enter recorded prompts as text and use a computer-generated voice to speak the content. and transcriptionClosed Written form of a voice or digital interaction services. CXone Cloud TTS Service and Cloud Transcription Services allow you to choose from supported third-party providers. This allows you to choose the option that fits the needs of your organization.