Personal Connection

Personal Connection (PC) is an outbound proactive dialer. It attempts to reach contacts on behalf of your agents via voice calls, one-way agentlessClosed Contacts made without a live agent for tasks such as one-way delivery of information or messages.. SMS messages, and one-way agentless emails. These methods, or outbound channels, are also referred to as Proactive Voice, Proactive SMS, and Proactive Email.

Proactive Voice attempts to dial calls in the calling list based on the contact time zone. It can dial multiple calls per agent and then connect the agent to the most progressed (ringing) call so the agent can speak right away when a contact answers. You can enable predictive, progressive, preview, and agentless dialing modes with PC Proactive Voice.

Proactive SMS and Proactive Email PC ACD skillsClosed Used to automate delivery of interactions based on agent skills, abilities, and knowledge deliver SMS messages and emails to contacts when you create and trigger the start of a campaign. Sending the message requires no agent involvement. Because of this, no agent is available to interact with contacts if they reply unless you create a separate inbound skill to handle the replies. For both contact methods, you create a message template that goes to all contacts in the contact list you choose, and PC sends the SMS or email message after you start the ACD skill.

You can incorporate a Proactive SMS attempt into the cadence of a proactive voice skill where an agent is involved. This allows you to configure PC to attempt to call a record, send an SMS to the same record, and resume calling the record after the SMS attempt. The SMS remains one-way and the agent cannot see or control the SMS.

You should keep the priority level of ACD skills in mind when making use of the PC blending feature with dynamic delivery. If the priority of each ACD skill being used is the same, the order in which agents are matched to contacts is unpredictable. If the priority of ACD skills being used varies, lower-priority ACD skills are ignored until the work assigned to higher-priority ACD skills is complete. Usually, outbound ACD skills are prioritized lower than inbound ACD skills; however, you may want agents to move from outbound when the queue is long. In this case, you can use a higher priority on outbound skills to keep the agent focus there. Combine this with an acceleration setting on the inbound skill to give the calls that wait longer a higher priority than outbound skills. The result will be that agents only receive inbound calls when the queue is long and wait times have increased.

You're required by law to comply with federal, state, and industry do not call (DNC) lists. You can't manually upload the entire national or state DNC lists to your environment due to the size of the files involved. Instead, you must scrub against these lists prior to uploading your calling lists or check at dial time through call suppressionClosed Temporarily skips a contact when using the outbound dialer. using a third party service such as Gryphon. Gryphon offers several advantages, including continual updates against the latest national DNC list; consideration of state and federal limitations on calling including appropriate hours of operation; and indemnification against infringement losses.