NICE inContact IEX WFM Export

IEX WFM Export allows you to export data from IEX WFM Integrated. You can use the extracted data in reporting or other applications. With IEX WFM Export, you can export data from three general categories: Agent, Contact Type (CT), and Management Unit (MU). Each category has multiple subsets of data you can choose from.

IEX WFM Export generates output files that contain the extracted data. You work closely with NICE inContact Professional Services to determine the data you need for each export. If you want, you can also specify the order you want the data arranged in the output file. If you don't define a sort order, IEX WFM Export includes all fields in the default sort order. The default sort order varies and is the same as the order that fields are listed in the fields definition table for each export type.

Key Facts about IEX WFM Export Output Files

  • If an output file is specified for more than one entity, IEX WFM Export saves all data to the same output file.
  • IEX WFM Export uses a pipe symbol (|) as a field delimiter in export output files. Each line ends with a new-line character. One output file (Agent Vacation Summary) has the option for XML output. Two other output files ( ) only provide XML output.
  • If data exist for an agent that has been deleted from IEX WFM Integrated, the agent's name shows up in output files as <Unknown>. Any information that cannot be determined for that agent is omitted. For example, Social Security Number and Agent Data Group information.

Output File Header

The output files may contain a headerClosed The first line or lines of a file that provides overview or other important information that instructs a program or operating system on how to use the information contained in the file., depending on your export is configured. If your output files contain the header: 

  • The first line of every output file starts with #fields. This acts like a key, showing the elements each field in the file contains.
  • The second line of every output file begins with #sort. This line contains a comma-separated list of the criteria IEX WFM Export uses to sort the output.
  • The specified Agent Data Group description. ACD priority, and other specifications are included in this line (if applicable).
  • IEX WFM Export includes this line even if a custom sort order wasn't specified..
  • A blank line appears below the header lines in the output file.

Agent Data Group Value Formatting

IEX WFM Export includes Agent Data Group values in the output file with the formatting they have in the database:

  • Dates—YYYMMDD, where  YYY is the year minus 1900. For example, March 29, 2021 is stored as 1210329.
  • Times—24-hour time.
  • Currency—Values are stored multiplied by 100 to remove the decimal. For example, $2345.67 is stored as 234567.
  • Logical ValuesY or N.
  • Numeric and Alphabetical Data—Stored as entered.

Activity Codes

  • In previous versions of IEX WFM Integrated, Activity Codes were referred to as Exception Codes. This term remains in the names of some fields and elements in the database.
  • Several export file types include Activity Code information from the exception table and the schedule table. The specific Activity Codes to be exported are defined in IEX WFM Integrated using the Activity Code Attributes.
  • At a minimum, you must define an Activity Code Attribute called EXC_EXPORT and assign a value to each Activity Code for this attribute, for each CustomerID.  IEX WFM Export uses the EXC_EXPORT attribute as the default for the output files.
  • You can define unique Activity Code attributes for the various output files instead of using the EXC_EXPORT attribute. If you do this, you can designate the attribute you want IEX WFM Export to use for each export file when you configure the export.
  • If you define an attribute during configuration, the value assigned to each Activity Code for the specified Activity Code attribute that matches the defined attribute is used for the output file's exception field.
  • You can assign multiple Activity Codes to the same EXC_EXPORT attribute value or other attribute value.
  • If an attribute isn't defined when the export is configured, IEX WFM Export uses the EXC_EXPORT attribute for the export.
  • If the EXC_EXPORT attribute or another attribute are not defined during configuration, IEX WFM Export does not perform the export for specified CustomerID for that export.

Export Types and Output Files

IEX WFM Export can export data from 3 general categories of data: agent, contact type (CT), and management unit (MU). Each category has several options you can choose from depending on the type of data you need.

IEX WFM Export generates most of the output files in a pipe-delimited CSV format. Two are XML format, and there is one output file that gives you the option of both formats.

Output File



Agent Info

This export provides a list of agents with identifying information, including log on ID, social security number, and email address. Can also include organizational information such as time off group, bidding information, and accrual date.

Export Agent

This export provides an agent list typically used with third-party integrations. Provides base-level details about agents in a format that third-party systems can ingest. This includes ACD with logon details.

Agent Activity Detail

This export provides a list of actual agent activity on a per-agent, per-day basis, based on ACD-to-IEX WFM Integrated. Includes detailed information about activity start and stop times.

Agent Activity Summary

This export provides a list of actual agent activity on a per-agent, per-day basis, based on ACD-to-IEX WFM Integrated definitions. Includes a daily summary of each activity's duration.

Agent Adherence Detail

This export provides information about an agent's adherence on a per-day basis. Provides detailed information based on period for agents' scheduled events and their actual adherence.

Agent Adherence Summary

This export provides information about an agent's adherence on a per-day basis. Provides details about the agent's scheduled events and their actual adherence. Provides summary information about the total scheduled time for each day and the agent's overall adherence.

Agent Adherence by Attribute Detail

This export is similar to the Agent Adherence Detail export, except it provides agent adherence metrics for a specified Adherence Attribute Code. Includes detailed information based on period.

Agent Adherence by Attribute Summary

This export is similar to the Agent Adherence by Attribute Detail export, except it provides summary information about the agent's overall adherence for the specified attribute.

Agent Schedule Detail

This export is similar to the Agent Activity Detail export, except it provides data about scheduled versus actual activity.

Agent Schedule Summary

This export is similar to the Agent Schedule Detail export, except it provides the data in terms of the total number of minutes of work time.

Agent Activity and Schedules

This export provides a combination the Agent Schedule Summary and the Agent Activity Detail exports. It includes a summary of the agent's scheduled times and actual times worked.

Agent Results Detail

This export provides information based on data that IEX WFM Integrated received from historical ACD integration files. This includes the number of contacts, login time, talk time, handle time, and so on. Includes period data.

Agent Results Summary

This export is similar to the Agent Results Detail export, except without the period data.

Agent Vacation Summary

This export requires that your organization use the IEX WFM Integrated Time Off Manager. It information about agents' time off within a defined time frame.

Pipe-delimited or XML
CT Active Forecast

This export metrics and details about the active forecast for a specified contact type (CT).

CT Short-Term Forecast

This export provides revised forecasts based on changes made to specific metrics.

CT Queue

This export provides details about a specified queue related to the number of actual contacts handled, abandoned, and so on.

CT Results

This export provides an overview of details from all queues assigned to particular contact type (CT).

MU Forecast

This export provides forecast information for a specified management unit (MU) for a specified contact type (CT).

MU Results

This export provides data about actual work results data for a specific management unit (MU) for a specified time range.

MU Opens

This export provides the number of Open minutes by date and by time for a MU for a specified contact type (CT).


Calculated Values

Some data items are not stored in the IEX WFM Integrated. Instead, they are calculated values that IEX WFM Export produces when it runs an export. If you don't use IEX WFM Export to obtain these values, you must develop other means to retrieve and process the raw data to derive the values.

Output File


Agent Activity Summary minutes
Agent Adherence Detail totalAct, totalInAdh, totalOutAdh, totalSched, adhPct
Agent Adherence Summary totalAct, totalInAdh, totalOutAdh, totalSched, adhPct
Agent Adherence by Attribute Detail totalAct, totalInAdh, totalOutAdh, totalSched, adhPct
Agent Adherence by Attribute Summary totalAct, totalInAdh, totalOutAdh, totalSched, adhPct
Agent Schedule Summary minutes
Agent Activity and Schedules activityEnd, activityInOffice, activityBusiness, activityAvail, activityOpen, activityOT, activityPaid, activityWeeklyHours, scheduleEnd, scheduleInOffice, scheduleBusiness, scheduleAvail, scheduleOpen, scheduleOT, schedulePaid, scheduleWeeklyHours, startDev, endDev, durationDev
Agent Vacation Summary selected, taken
CT Active Forecast fctsSLPct, fcstOcc, fcstASA, fcstReq, revPlanReq, commitPlanReq, schedOpen
CT Short Term Forecast fctsSLPct, fcstOcc, fcstASA, fcstReq, revPlanReq, commitPlanReq, schedOpen
CT Results actReq
MU Forecst revPlanReq, commitPlanReq
MU Results actReq, estStaff

Version-Based Terminology Changes

Some terminology changed between NICE CXone IEX WFM Integrated version R 3.12 and R4.6. Some of the legacy terminology remains in the names of elements used in some of the IEX WFM Export output files. This table shows the legacy names and the new terminology that replaced them: 

R3.12 Name

R4.6 and up Name

Exception Code Activity Code
Vacation Time Off
SSN or Social Security Number Personal ID
Tour Group Weekly Rule