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April 2020 Minor Release

Agent for Salesforce

Support for Salesforce High Velocity Sales

If you use the Salesforce High Velocity Sales product, agents can use click-to-dial to initiate a call from within the CXone Agent for Salesforce and capture the outbound contacts initiated with click-to-dial. This capability is available for both Classic and Fully Integrated Lightning Experiences.

Support Salesforce Flows

You can configure a Softphone layout with screen pop settings using the Pop to flow option for the following scenarios: No matching records, Single-matching record, and Multiple-matching records. This capability is available for both Classic and Fully Integrated Lightning Experiences.

Spring 2020

End-Of-Life Notifications

End of Support for Windows 7

In order to align with Microsoft's move to end their support of Windows 7, effective February 9th all applications are no longer be developed for, tested with, or support Windows 7. Our Technical Support will no longer address any reported issues that only occur when running on Windows 7. For more information about supported operating systems, see Supported Environments.

Agent for Oracle Service Cloud

Work Item Omnichannel Session Handling and Channel Elevation Capabilities

Agents using the CXone Agent for Oracle Service Cloud Consolidated View Interface can handle multiple work items and a single voice interaction simultaneously. Agents can elevate work items to voice interactions to promote positive customer experiences.

Commitment Manager

Agents can use the commitment manager to schedule future contacts at the agent and skill level.

Home Screen Enhancements

Agents can view their queue count and call history from the Agent for Oracle Service Cloud home screen.


Removal of System Notifications Permission

The unused System Notifications ACD permission has been removed from the list of available permissions to avoid confusion.

Locked Users in Users Table

The Users table marks users whose accounts are locked due to too many failed login attempts. From the table, you can enable the user to log in again. You can filter the table to display only locked accounts, making it easier to quickly find accounts and resolve password resets. Use the security profile password policy to specify the number of failed login attempts that occur before a user's account is locked.

Chat Channel

Enhanced Customization for v2 Contact-facing Chat Window

If you use v2 (HTML5) chat, you can continue to use the default chat icon on your website, or you can specify a custom chat icon. You can also specify the dimensions of the chat window when a contact opens it, as well as the location and positioning of the embedded chat interface on your website.

Chat Transcript Storage and Deletion Settings

New settings in the Cloud Storage Life Cycle Management page in the Admin application allow you to specify 1) the period of time chat transcripts remain in storage before being automatically deleted or transferred to long-term storage, and 2) the period of time chat transcripts remain in long-term storage before being automatically deleted. These settings can help you meet compliance requirements such as right to erasure in GDPR.

If you move chat transcripts to Archive, you will not be able to retrieve your archived chat transcripts due to a lack of metadata at this time.

Ability to Delete Transcripts in the Contact History Report

You can manually delete chat transcripts from the existing Transcripts tab of the Contact History Report.

Cloud Storage Services

Feature Relocation to New Application

Cloud Storage Services has been moved from the ACD application to the Admin application within CXone. This change improves the experience for organizations who use storage services with a third-party ACD. The relocation includes the following changes:

  • These options, currently found at ACD → Retention, have moved to the new Cloud Storage menu:
    • File Storage (renamed Life-Cycle Management).
    • File Retrieval (renamed Long-Term File Retrieval).
    • Secure External Access.
  • Permissions for functionality on these pages have been renamed to match the new page name:
    • File Retrieval (renamed Long-Term File Retrieval)
    • File Storage (renamed File Life Cycle Management)
  • The Browse Files menu option remains in the ACD application and has been renamed Browse ACD Files.
  • Permission for this functionality remains in the Data section of the Permissions tab and has been renamed from Central Files and Folders to Browse ACD Files.

Interaction Analytics Pro

Enhanced Query Workflow

You can build complex queries directly on your dashboard using keyword/phrase logic, sentiment, frustration, metadata, and all other standard filtering criteria, and then save your favorite queries as categories. While the ability to create categories from the category editor remains, this added functionality allows you to see the matches you will get using all of your data, rather than from a random data sample from the editor.

inView™ for CXone

New Dashboard Modules

New Task and Survey modules are available and accessible through dashboards, offering more convenient access. Additionally, the modules provide visual insight into data not previously available.

Improvements to Proficiency Management

Using the rules engine, supervisors with the appropriate permissions can configure rules that recommend changes to agent proficiency based on other metrics, and optionally make those changes automatically. This increases the speed and ease with which supervisors can make these changes. In addition, the available proficiency levels will be changed to 1-20 to match the CXone ACD proficiency settings.

Subscription Management Improvement

Management of subscriptions for both dashboards and legacy dashboards have been consolidated, making them easier to manage.

Module Folders

Users will now find it easier to locate specific dashboard modules by filtering modules by category.

Game Results Option

Supervisors can view game results in the Command Center. Game History provides visibility into all completed games and their stats, including agents who won, the rewards given out, and so forth. This new option is part of an ongoing effort to make it easier to manage Gamification in the Command Center.

Marketplace Enhancements

Administrators can apply user attributes to products in the Marketplace to control availability, offer rewards, and so forth. For example, new items may become available to an agent who reaches a 1-year anniversary. This makes it easier for organizations to use the Marketplace for managing company reward programs.


Image Support for SMS

Organizations using inbound or manual outbound SMS can opt-in to receive images in customer messages and to include images in their own messages, enhancing the quality of communication in these interactions. Images must be 600 KB or smaller and in one of these supported formats: BMP, PNG, GIF, or JPG. This feature will only be available for U.S. numbers.

MAX Versioning Opt-out

The MAX versioning feature has received a significant update.

Your version of MAX will update automatically with each new release, but if you prefer your agents to work with the previous version, you can choose to do so. A tenant or individual agent(s) can continue using the previous MAX version when their administrator selects the Use Previous MAX Version setting. For the duration of the Spring 2020 release cycle, if an administrator selects this setting, an entire tenant (or individual agents) will use the Fall 2019 version of MAX.

Prior to Spring 2020, a major release would introduce a new version of MAX and by default it would NOT be immediately deployed to agents. During a 3-week period, administrators could use the MAX Release Preview feature to access the newest version. Spring 2020 replaces the "preview" approach with a "previous" option.

Phone Bar Support for Personal Connection

The MAX Phone Bar (displayed when Custom Workspaces are configured) is now compatible with Personal Connection. This is especially valuable for those who use Custom Workspaces for add-on dialer or CRM solutions.

Integrated Softphone Enhancements

Agents can configure their integrated softphone to auto-answer incoming calls, removing the need for them to manually accept each call. They can also select a ringer tone. These changes add to the flexibility and robustness of the CXone integrated softphone.

Disposition Search and Filter

A search field and filter list was added for dispositions, reducing overall contact handle time by making it easier for agents to find the correct disposition.

Agent Report Custom Date Ranges

Agents can add a custom date range for Productivity and Performance reports. Previously, the only available intervals were Today, Yesterday, and Last 7 Days.

Address Book Enhancements

Two enhancements improve the efficiency of agents while using address books to make outbound calls or emails. First, agents can place another outbound call or email through an address book while still on an existing call. This provides another alternative to using the Transfer and Conference buttons. Second, the number of results displayed when an address book is opened will be limited. If the address book contains more entries than can be displayed, agents will be asked to search for an entry. This enables address books to load more quickly, reducing the time for the agent to find the needed contact.

Context-Sensitive Help

The MAX user interface now includes help icons in key locations that, when clicked, will direct the agent to the corresponding online help page. This helps agents find the answer they're looking for faster. Previously, users were always directed to the MAX overview page.

Accessibility Improvements

As part of our continuing effort to make MAX more usable for agents with a disability, compatibility and usability with screen readers have been improved, in accordance with ADA compliance specifications.

Provide Agent Access to Contact Limits

For organizations using Omnichannel Session Handling (OSH), the Total Contact Limit setting affects how and when agents receive interactions. The limit now displays on the Information page, allowing agents to have visibility into how the setting affects their daily interaction flows.

Settings Page Restructure and Customizable Color Theme

The Settings page was restructured to better accommodate and categorize the growing number of MAX preferences. Part of this restructure includes a new Color Theme settings menu, which allows agents to select their own preferred MAX color scheme. Available options are Blue (default), Gray, and High Contrast.

POST Agent Session Token Value

For developers integrating via the POST Messaging feature in MAX, subscribing web pages can receive an agent session token that is needed to invoke NICE inContact APIs, enabling new interactions between the iframe page and MAX.

Media Services

Studio Action/Service Update to Pass Nuance Call Parameters

You can tune ASRAutomatic Speech Recognition; allows contacts to respond to recorded voice prompts by speaking, pressing keys on their phone, or a combination of both. voice recognition settings within each script (and before or after any ASR Studio action) by using a global variable in an Assign action.

Call Recording Improvements

The ability for NICE inContact to stitch multiple call recordings together has improved, preventing call segments from getting lost or stranded.

Acapela TTS v10 Update from v8

The Acapela TTS engine will be updated during Q2 from v8 to v10 to provide more stability and increased performance.

Partner Tools

Self-Service POC Provisioning

Using a new app in PartnerHub, launched from the grid icon in the upper right corner of the CXone web portal, authorized users can provision new DID (direct dial), toll-free, and international numbers for their tenants. These numbers then become available for use with points of contact in the ACD application. Only CloudConnect numbers purchased through partners are supported at this time.

Presence Sync Publisher

Presence Sync Publisher will allow syncing of agent states from CXone to partner platforms. Agents who use MAX and a partner's UC platform can't receive calls from two platforms at once. This feature will enable presence status to be updated in near real-time on both platforms. Presence Sync is not yet available for all partners. Ask your Partner Success team for more information.

Partner Log Reader

Users with access to the Partner Log Reader can now pull snippet logs in addition to Studio script action logs, adding a deeper level of information to troubleshooting efforts. The snippet logs open in a window within the page when the user clicks a link in the list of available logs. Snippet logs are not included when the user clicks the Download Logs link; only the Studio script action logs are included.

Personal Connection

SetDisposition Studio Action Preempts Agent-Handled Dispositions

Users can put the SetDisposition action in scripting to define call outcomes and use agents to handle the outcomes that scripting cannot accurately define. If a contact is dispositioned in scripting, it suppresses the agent disposition experience in MAX; if not, the MAX experience is the same. This removes the "all or nothing" experience previously enforced.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Compliance Preview Options

Users can request that NICE inContact limit the preview options available for their tenant to choose from. This aligns their Business Unit configuration to conform with their stated TCPA guidelines. Within the Business Unit, customers can define which delivery options satisfy their stated compliance position. Changes to the options displayed in Delivery Preferences requires a written request amending the customer's agreement with NICE inContact before other options can be exposed.

Self-Service API Support for Parameters

Users can administer all Personal Connection parameter options through REST APIs.

Call Progress Analysis (CPA) Settings Restricted by Security Permission

Advanced CPA settings have a unique security permission assigned to them. New user profiles do not include this permission by default; existing user profiles are not changed. This restriction limits the visibility of these settings based on business unit configuration. These settings should not be changed without expert guidance to protect the customer environment and reduce the risk of negative impact.


Compatibility with .xlsx Files in Custom Reporting

Custom reporting now allows users to export their data using the newer .xslx Excel file format. This type of Excel file has a higher capacity which allows customers to get more data within a single report.

Added Attributes for Custom Reporting

The Skill ID, Campaign ID, and Team ID attributes have been added as selectable options in the Contact Detail, Contact Summary, and Intraday Contact Detail models for Custom Reporting.

Data Download Export Option Update

Excel was removed as a format option when exporting a data download report. This option would default to a .csv file, which is the same format provided through the Comma Separated option.

Security and Compliance

SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On Support

You can use SAML 2.0 to connect your identity provider (IdP) to CXone for single sign-on (SSO). Your NICE inContact account representative must enable this feature for you. Once enabled, you enter details from your IdP to fields in the Federated Identity tab of your business unit. You can then configure individual users to log in to CXone with SAML 2.0 SSO.


Following updates in the Spring 2020 release, Studio was blocked from execution on internal NICE inContact desktops by NICE inContact's antivirus system. Investigation revealed that this was a false-positive, and after working with our antivirus vendor, the issue was resolved by white-listing Studio. False-positives can occur with any antivirus solution and may impact Studio or other desktop-installed software from NICE inContact, as with any other desktop software. If your antivirus system identifies Studio or other desktop software as infected, you should work with your antivirus vendor to address the issue.

Open/Save Script APIs

You can programmatically open and save your Studio scripts with APIs. This will enable advanced script developers to create automated development processes, which could reduce human error and potential contact center down-time.

WFM Enterprise - 7.2 Upgrade

For more information regarding these features, see the expanded release notes.

New Add-on Product Introduction- AI Forecasting

The AI Forecasting add-on for CXone WFM Enterprise is a purchasable module that contains additional forecast models, including Box-Jenkins ARIMA, Exponential Smoothing, Multilinear Seasonal Regression, and Best Pick.

These new models may be used with most of the existing automatic forecast adjustment factors, such as including extreme values, week of month seasonal cycles, and week of year seasonal cycles.

CSV Exports for Reports

Users can now export most WFM Enterprise reports to .csv format for further manipulation of data and analysis outside of the platform.

GDPR Compliance

A GDPR compliance option is now available for WFM Enterprise. This feature limits the collection and storage of personal data in accordance with the GDPR standard. The GDPR standard includes provisions for security considerations, data minimization, data deletion, consent management, breach notification, and more.

NICE inContactAgent for Salesforce

Click Agent for Salesforce Version Log for a log of previous versions.

NICE inContact Agent for Salesforce

Chrome 80 Settings Update

Google released Chrome 80 in February 2020. All agents using Chrome must set SameSite by default cookies to either disabled or default. If the setting is left enabled, the agent application may encounter bugs or delays.

NICE inContact Agent for Salesforce v14.0

Agent Interface Integration with Salesforce Lightning

The fully integrated Lightning experience can handle multiple chat, voicemail, and email interactions simultaneously. Agents can elevate interactions to promote positive customer experiences.

Audio/Visual Notifications

Agents using the fully integrated Lightning experience can configure audio and visual notifications for incoming contacts.

Agent for Salesforce April 2020 Minor Release

Support for Salesforce High Velocity Sales

If you use the Salesforce High Velocity Sales product, agents will be able to use click-to-dial to initiate a call from within the CXoneAgent for Salesforce and capture the outbound contacts initiated with click-to-dial. This capability will be available for both Classic and Fully Integrated Lightning Experiences.

Support Salesforce Flows

You will be able to configure a Softphone layout with screen pop settings using the Pop to flow option for the following scenarios: No matching records, Single-matching record, and Multiple-matching records. This capability will be available for both Classic and Fully Integrated Lightning Experiences.

Spring 2020 Feature Release Adjustments

The following features will be released at a later date.

inView for CXone

Roles Page Redesign

Improved Visibility into Metric Sources

Module Settings Slide Out

New Gamification Option

Avatar Gallery

Personal Connection

User-Defined Reserve Agent Pool


Data Download Export Option Update

Excel was removed as a format option when exporting a data download report. This option would default to a .csv file, which is the same format provided through the Comma Separated option.

Workforce Intelligence

Recovery Level Now Available for Rules