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Indicates features that were developed by customer request.
Indicates major user interface (UI) changes.

End-Of-Life Notifications

Secondary Disposition The Secondary Disposition feature will be deprecated in the Spring 2021 release. You will need to modify your configurations to use the Tags feature instead.

Global and API Changes in Fall 2020

API Façade

Over the coming months, NICE inContact is updating the API framework to use the API Façade. When using the Central Oauth authentication method, the “resource_server_base_uri” value will change to the API Façade URI.

This change facilitates unification of the CXone suite and improves the performance of our API Framework. It enables use of a single URL for all API requests for an area instead of URLs for individual clusters. The API Façade also allows encryption of some API endpoints, providing better security.

For more information on this continuing work, see the Global Changes section in Coming Soon for Spring 2021.

REST API Action Calls to an external system from CXone using the REST API action can now happen asynchronously. When you use this functionality, instead of a snippet using the GetRESTProxy() method, no blocking thread is required. This allows calls to process faster, especially when the volume is high. The REST API action with asynchronous functionality is available by default for all business unitsClosedHigh-level organizational grouping used to manage technical support, billing, and global settings for your CXone environment without special configuration.

Encryption Enhancements

Encryption enhancements include the ability to enable end-to-end encryption for the native chat application from the contact all the way to the agent. These changes also provide encryption for all API calls further into the internal network rather than just to the firewall.

PKCE Support for OpenID Connect Authentication

You can use Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) in place of your client_secret for front-end authentication with OpenID Connect.
PCI Level 1 Support All NICE inContact clusters are now certified for PCI Level 1.
Updated SAML Authentication Request Handling SAML authentication requests now support SHA 256.

Product Naming Changes

Several products in the CXone suite have recently changed names. These changes are reflected in the CXone user interface and in our online help in the Spring 2021 release. These changes are detailed in the following table.