Topic Management Overview

Users with the Edit permission in their NICE inContact security profile can perform all the same actions as users with the view permission, including viewing configured topicsA set of voice, email, or chat transcriptions from your contact center that spans a specific period of time and matches your specified filter criteria. in various dashboards, drilling down into the widgetA graphical chart with data that meets specified filter criteria to help contact center supervisors and managers understand trends in the contact center. data, and filtering the data to better answer specific questions about the contact center. For instructions on performing those actions, see the Data Analysis section of the Omnichannel Analytics help. Additionally, users who have permissions to manage topics can create new topics and edit or delete existing ones; create, modify, and delete dashboardsThe named view of one or more analysis widgets. in the topic dashboard setA set of multiple dashboards grouped as a reusable template. When you first save a topic, you choose a dashboard set as the starting set of dashboards for the topic.; view categoriesThematic buckets into which the inContact Analytics engine places parsed call transcript data to make it easier to find trends. and category rulesA set of criteria in categorization that dictates whether a transcript is placed in a certain category. Rules are created with sets of keywords or phrases that the transcript must include or exclude. associated with a topic; and configure the company profileA form where you can create custom entities that inContact Analytics can use to parse and analyze data that is of interest to your company..

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